Pond Aeration Compressor Rebuild Demonstration for Gast 82R

EP Aeration has been using Gast 82R, 1/3rd horsepower, oil-less air compressors in our pond aeration systems since early 2013. Thus far they’ve proven to be robust and well suited for the application. Just like previous versions of this wobble-piston style compressor, it requires a rebuild every 2-3 years depending on operating conditions and air filter […]

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Pond Aeration Update – Jada Vineyards

On March 12th 2015, EP Aeration installed an irrigation reservoir aeration system at Jada Vineyards in Paso Robles, CA. At that time, the reservoir at Jada Vineyards was choked with filamentous algae that would clog irrigation filters and generally looked bad. Since Jada is in the midst of converting to 100%  Biodynamic farming, they required a […]

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Olympic Boating

As an illustration of just how quickly a massive algae bloom can occur, look at these photos of the massive algae bloom a month before the scheduled start of the Beijing Olympics. This occurred in the OCEAN, in the bay where Olympic sailing competition was to be held. These photos date from early July. Some […]

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