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Made in San Luis Obispo, CA U.S.A. with the best compressors and ozone generators available, EP Aeration’s air delivery systems are the highest quality, longest lasting systems on the market. Most units run on 120VAC, 20A household current but custom units are available to operate on any power source including international power grids. Compressors and ozone units are incredibly simple and inexpensive to maintain, generally requiring less than two hours per year to service. Internally cooled, and weatherproof, EP Aeration units can be wall mounted or stand alone, indoor or outdoor.

Yet the EP Aeration difference is more than just equipment – it’s the experience we’ve gained in aerating lakes, ponds, wastewater lagoons and water features of all descriptions, in all sorts of climates…for more than 20 years. We use this experience to prescribe a solution that may include ancillary treatments, when necessary to enhance water quality and achieve your goals. With EP Aeration, you can be sure that you’re getting more than a one-size-fits-all type of answer – you’re getting the EP Aeration difference.



With EP Aeration you get:

  • The highest quality compressors and air/ozone delivery systems
  • Diffusers and diffuser tubing with highest oxygen transfer and mixing rates
  • Systems made in the USA
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Safe, sustainable and effective biological additives
  • Exceptional service before and after the sale


Air and Ozone Delivery Systems

The Uni2-2013 (shown below) consists of two 1/3rd horsepower air compressors generating a total of 9 CFM of air mixed with 2 grams/hr. of ozone. Other features include an internal thermostat, internal cooling, internal circuit breaker and a quiet weatherproof enclosure.  Standard units run on 120V, 20A power supply. This system generally fits water bodies 1-2 acres in surface area. However, due to their modular nature, they can be linked together to fit any size body of water.

Uni2-2013 Air and Ozone supply cabinets

Uni2-2103 Exterior

Activated Oxygen System

Uni2-2013 Interior


The AO2 -2013 is the cousin of the Uni2-2013 (shown above). Utilizing the same compressors, cabinet, and circuitry, the AO2 – 2013 offers the same features as the Uni2-2013….just without ozone.

Pond Aeration System

AO1 – Mini

Pond Aeration System

AO1 – Mini Exterior

The AO1 – Mini (shown right) consists of a single 1/3rd horsepower, rocking piston style compressor housed in an attractive powder coated NEMA 4 rated cabinet. The cabinet is internally cooled with a 4″ fan. This unit is installed simply by mounting to a post or control panel with attached mounting tabs. The AO1 – Mini generally fits water bodies 1/5 – 1 acre in surface area.


Ozone Aeration for Tanks

Residential Tank Aeration

The Aquaclipse is a corona discharge ozone generator perfect for rural homes on a well water supply. This unit is intended to oxidize compounds such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron, Manganese, Copper, and Zinc that can effect taste and odor as well as stain your fixtures. Simply mount this small unit next to your water tank and drop the air-stone to the bottom of the tank, and you’ve got up to 5,000 gallons per day of clean, clear, and odorless water. It’s like drinking water from your well….



Diffusers and Diffuser Tubing

Aeration Hose

EP Aeration utilizes proprietary air-diffusion tubing in its wastewater treatment systems as well as lake and pond ozonation/aeration system modules. This special tubing available with a lead-weighted keel or self weighted (both shown right) features a unique slit that requires two pounds of back pressure to open, thereby ensuring that minimal amounts of water and or sediment can enter the tubing, minimizing cleaning and maintenance. Also, because the tubing is made of LDPE, it is compatible with ozone and other oxidizing agents that aid in treatment as well as clean the tubing without removing it from the Pond Aeration Tubingwater.

In use for more than 45 years in the wastewater treatment industry, this self-weighted, bottom-laid tubing features the highest documented oxygen transfer and mixing rates in the business. No other air diffusion system, including competitive tubing, has the proven performance of that used by EP Aeration, which is why it was selected originally more than 20 years ago, and why it is still in use today.

But don’t let the outstanding performance specifications stifle your creativity….Our tubing has been used by renowned landscape architects and artist to create stunning “bubble images” in various types of water features. Please visit the Water Features section of our portfolio for some examples.

Although EP Aeration systems occasionally utilize aeration tubing laid in a straight line, the tubing is more commonly mounted on a 4′ diameter stainless steel frame.  This simplifies installation and allows us to achieve even air flows in each diffuser in water bodies with varying water depths.


Pond Aeration Diffuser

Disk Module Diffuser

The Disk Module Diffuser (shown right) consists of 100′ of aeration tubing coiled inside of a 4′ diameter, 304 stainless steel frame. The diffuser is available in a variety of air-slit configurations to accommodate different airflow and mixing regimes for specific applications. This air diffuser also comes standard with stainless steel cables and a buoy for identification and simple deployment. Optional stainless steel legs can be added to elevate the diffuser off the bottom. The Disk Module also comes in a 24″ diameter version with 25′ of aeration tubing for tank applications

Because the tubing is made of LDPE, it allows the diffusers to be cleaned via ozone or acid injection, without removing them from the water. This, coupled with the robust materials and construction, gives these diffusers a 15-20 year expected service life.


Wastewater and Pond Supplements

Pond Bacteria

EP Aeration is a proud distributor of Environmental Leverage, wastewater and pond bacteria bacterial products. Bacterial supplements are available for an array of water treatment purposes including wastewater optimization, water clarity, algae control, sludge digestion, and nutrient control. Bacteria is available in a liquid form or in 1 lb. water soluble bags. We also carry shades and colorants for enhanced algae control and aesthetics. EP Aeration can provide sampling and analysis services for your water quality and or sludge to determine the right product for you.

Blue Lagoon Pond Dye

Loch Ness Pond Dye








AquaMaster Fountains

EP Aeration is a proud distributor of AquaMaster Fountains. Available in a wide array of spray patterns, heights, and lighting colors, we have the aesthetic you’re looking for in a fountain. All units are UL listed and come in a variety of voltage options. Fountains arrive to you 90% assembled for “plug-and-play” installation. Horizontal circulators also available. Call for details.

Aquamaster Fountains AquaMaster Fountains AquaMaster Fountains AquaMaster Fountains

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