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Stunning Water Features Demand Exceptional Water Quality

Hundreds of major golf courses, resorts, private estates, and residential communities have utilized EP Aeration in their water features. We work with landscape architects, engineers, and designers to ensure that the beautiful aquatic amenities they design remain looking healthy and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. Allow us to provide you with an aeration and or ozone system that will meet your water quality goals. Click here for a free quote or scroll down for more information.

Lakes of Atascadero Fishing Pond

The Lakes at Atascadero is a housing development with two amenity lakes and a green area. The lake is used as a decorative feature and for bass fishing. The EP Aeration system was installed around 2001. Thirteen years later, EP Aeration still maintains this system…much of it original equipment.

SF Palace of Fine Arts Water Feature

The world-renowned Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco’s Marina District utilizes EP Aeration equipment on this reflecting pond. The architecture and park-like setting attract residents and visitors from all over the world.












Isla Mar Estate

Hundreds of private estate owners throughout the nation have EP Aeration in their water features.

Tatum Ranch

Our aeration and ozone units help keep these waters algae free and inviting for fishing, swimming or simply relaxing with a good book or glass of wine.









Barney Schwartz Park Pond

Barney Schwartz Park in Paso Robles, CA has a half acre fishing, wading, and irrigation pond that attracts thousands of visitors every summer. The city contacted EP Aeration to help with their visibility and algae problems which they had been treating with substantial quantities of copper based algaecides. EP Aeration installed a Uni-1 and three disk modules to help improve water quality and reduce or eliminate the use of such algaecides. The city is also considering a bio-augmentation program to help improve clarity and reduce sludge.

Pinewood Lakes HOA

Pinewood Lakes HOA in Bakersfield, CA is a planned community of more than 90 homes situated around a 7.5 acre man made lake. HOA President Red Lecaine approached E P Aeration looking for a solution to his algae and “pond scum” problem without chemicals. EP Aeration installed an aeration/ozone system that operates on only 2 horsepower as well as provided consultation on how to reduce organic loading. Within one year visibility improved from approximately 18 inches to 10 feet. Mr. Lecaine marvels in the fact that he can now see bass swimming on the bottom of the deepest sections of the lake.
















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