Pond Aeration Update – Jada Vineyards

Pond Aeration Update – Jada Vineyards

On March 12th 2015, EP Aeration installed an irrigation reservoir aeration system at Jada Vineyards in Paso Robles, CA. At that time, the reservoir at Jada Vineyards was choked with filamentous algae that would clog irrigation filters and generally looked bad. Since Jada is in the midst of converting to 100%  Biodynamic farming, they required a chemical-free, holistic approach to algae control. That’s where EP Aeration came in.

EP Aeration designed and installed a pond aeration system consisting of a single 1/3rd horsepower air compressor, 100′ of weighted tubing, and a single DM-LTC air diffuser. We also inoculated the pond with beneficial bacteria and used pond dye early in the season. This trio of aeration, bacteria, and pond dye is what we’re calling the “trifecta” of holistic algae control and a great option for organic and biodynamic farms. The before and after photos below were taken on 3/12/2015 and 4/28/2016 respectively. In the words of the owner “Pretty dramatic…. Great job!”

Before Pond Aeration

Jada Before Reservoir Aeration

After Pond Aeration

Jada After Reservoir Aeration

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